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What is Amanda?
Who is Love Worthy?

The name "Amanda" is of Latin origin and has several possible meanings depending on the interpretation. One common interpretation is that "Amanda" means "amare," meaning "to love" or "worthy of love." In this context, "Amanda" can be translated to mean "lovable," "deserving of love," or "worthy of being loved." Overall, "Amanda" is often associated with positive qualities related to love, affection, and endearment. It 

Love Worthy by Amanda was born from a passion for self-expression and a love for the urban culture.  It celebrates individuality and embraces imperfections.  It was founded with the belief that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, flaws and all.  The brands pieces are designed to be stylish and versatile, perfect for any adventure.  Each collection is inspired by her everyday thoughts and experiences.  The message of Love Worthy is not just for the wearer, but even more so for the reader/watcher.  This is for those who acknowledge and appreciate the courage it takes to face challenges, overcome fears, and step outside one's comfort zone.  Love is the message the garment is just the vessel.

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